Netent Slot Games - RTP

Netent is a big name in the online gambling community and the company is popular for the series of excellent online casino games in its portfolio. If you are familiar with online gambling, the name Netent will be a common thing and you may have come across some of their casino games. Their games range from online slots to table games as well as live dealer games. Check out topnetentcasinos for a verified list of top Netent casinos you can choose to join.

What are the Netent Slots?

You will find Netent games at a large number of online casinos, 400 to be precise, and among these casinos, Netent slots are the most played by players. In addition to that, they are also the most featured at these top casinos. Netent slots are known to be excellent as well as exciting to play because they come in different variations and themes. You can also check out the mogallery site to learn more about Netent slots and how to play them.

The impressive thing about Netent slots is that you can opt-in for an adventure kind of slot game or a simple classic 3-reels single payline slot that is straight to the point. It all depends on your preference. To add to that, you can play all slot games on you mobile device, which means you do not have to miss our on anything even when you are on the move. See below a list of features come to all Netent slot games.

  • Symbols
  • Paytable
  • Paylines
  • AutoPlay
  • MaxBet

What is RTP?

When it comes to gambling, there is something called the House Edge, which is a certain percentage the House (casino) is set to get on every bet made. However, the opposite of the house edge is the return to player percentage, which is the percentage players are set to get from their wager after a period of wagering. With that, every casino game you play whether online or offline, there is a certain RTP percentage and house edge. For online casino games, the standard RTP is 95%.

What are Netent Slots RTP?

Netent slots also come with RTPs and the impressive thing is that the average RTP of Netent slots is 96%, which is above the standard. Some Netent slot games even go as high as 98% RTP. For this reason, you can be certain that when you choose to play Netent slots, you will have the chance to win a high percentage of your money back. This is part of the reason Netent slots are very popular in the online gambling community and players.

What are the Pros and Cons of Netent Slots RTP?

With the high percentage that Netent slots offer, it is hard to see any cons rather playing Netent slot games offers a lot of benefits. These benefits range from special features, bonus game rounds, exciting gameplay, and as well as huge jackpot prizes. On a final note, when you choose to play at a Netent casino, you will enjoy a series of top-notch games as well as a series of impressive bonuses. Simply go on ahead to visit any of the casino sites to get started.